Does your business need cybersecurity insurance? Cyber attacks are a common occurrence, and you are at risk if you accept payments online or store customer data. Fortunately, you can prepare for data breaches and other cyber events with a policy from Superior Insurance. Our team will assess your business risks and design a policy to cover any potential problems. 

Cyber liability insurance covers your financial loss in the event of a data breach or other cyber event. For example, if a hacker breaks into your files and steals customer information, cyber liability insurance will cover your losses. Our policies include both first and third party coverage:

  • First-party coverage applies any losses you sustain directly. One example is damage to your electronic files. Another example is downtime for your business due to system outages.

  • Third-party coverage applies to any claims against you by people who have been injured by the event. For example, a customer whose identity has been compromised may sue for damages. This could mean big financial losses for your business.

As you can see, a policy that includes first and third party insurance protects you from all potential loss. If you are not sure where to begin, contact a representative from Superior Insurance to learn more about the coverage you need.



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