Your house is one of your most important investments, so be sure to protect it with a homeowners insurance policy with Superior Insurance. We will fine tune your coverage to meet your needs at all levels. Take advantage of unique coverage like: 150% Guaranteed replacement cost, low deductibles and personal liability coverage up to $1 million.

Among all homeowners insurance companies in this area, Superior Insurance Mooresville stands apart as the only local insurance company to offer not just homeowners insurance but also renters insurance. You see, we understand that even if you’re just renting your home, you still have the right to get insurance in the same manner traditional homeowners do. And once you see the coverage we offer, you’ll see for yourself why we’re the preferred local insurance company out of all homeowners insurance companies in and around Mooresville, NC. There’s just no other that can come close to the kind of protective assurance we can offer.

If you need a home insurance agency you can trust, look no further than Superior Insurance Mooresville. When you talk to a homeowners insurance agent with us, you’ll immediately see our difference from other companies. We explain each and every item in our homeowners insurance policy. We leave no gray areas and we leave no questions unanswered. Our aim as a home insurance agency is to take the uncertainty away by discussing exactly what you’re getting, when you’re getting it, and how you’re getting it. That way, as a homeowners insurance policyholder, you know what to expect and you won’t be blindsided by a loophole that was not explained to you. That’s our definition of peace of mind for our homeowners insurance policyholders.


To further protect your assets, an Umbrella policy with Superior Insurance can be added that will give you and your family that added protection. Call us today to find out how an Umbrella Policy can expand your liability insurance coverage.

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Don't own your home? Renters insurance can protect you and your assets, whether you are at home or on the go. Having renters insurance can help you avoid the costs of replacing your property and valuables should anything happen to them. Also, renters insurance protects you in the event someone visiting your residence is hurt or injured. Don't make the dire mistake of assuming your landlords insurance will cover you and your assets.

Looking online for “renters insurance near me” after getting renters insurance quotes from different renters insurance companies? Well, congratulations! You just found the largest local independent insurance company in and around Mooresville, NC.

Even if you’re renting your home, you still need insurance. After all, burglars don’t differentiate between owned and rented houses. Fires, accidents, and natural calamities don’t either. So, if homeowners protect their homes and properties with insurance, there’s no reason for home renters not to do the same. And when it comes to reliable renters insurance, there’s only one company you can trust in and around Mooresville, NC.

Since 2009, Superior Insurance Mooresville has been the leading provider of renters insurance in North Carolina. As the largest local independent insurance company in the state, we serve hundreds of happy and satisfied clients. And that number is growing.

We have the most affordable and the most comprehensive insurance packages compared to all other renters insurance companies in the area. And not only that, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all insurance. We know that different people have different needs. So when we give renters insurance quotes, we make sure we’ve done our homework and we got to know the customer and what they need. We won’t offer an insurance package that includes flood coverage to a client who rents an eighth-floor condo or a fifth-floor apartment. These small things are what makes our service special and personal to our clients. No wonder, we’re the top choice for renters insurance for clients located in and around the following areas:

Asheville, NC

Lake Norman, NC

Caldwell, NC

Mooresville, NC

Stanley, NC

Huntersville, NC

Statesville, NC

Cornelius, NC

Troutman, NC

Davidson, NC

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